Frequently Asked Questions

I can’t see the full video. How do I resize my clips?
You can adjust the crop any way you'd like! First, choose the aspect ratio for your final video i.e. Portrait, Landscape or Square. Now tap a clip thumbnail and you can pinch the screen to resize, or drag to reposition it.
How do I change the sequence of my clips?
To reorder your clip sequence, simply hold the circle thumbnail and drag and drop it anywhere on the timeline. Alternatively, if you have tons of clips, activate “Shake to Shuffle”. Now every time you shake your device, you’ll see a new music video sequence! (Don’t like it? Tap the undo button that appears on the preview)
How do I edit a clip?
The basics? Tap the clip to reveal more clip-level options! You can then tap the “-” button to delete or the “+” to duplicate the selected clip in your timeline. Pan the rectangle selector to choose a different
I want more control over what is shown in my video.
You can pan the rectangle selector on the timeline. This allows you to choose a different moment of your clip and is handy if you just want to make a quick video. Alternatively you can change where the clip starts and ends by moving the “In” and “Out” points. Do note that this may affect the rest of your video. Don’t like the change? Simply hit “Reset” to remove your manual edits.
What on earth are Scenes and Rolls?
Scenes are searchable clips from other Lomotif users or the world wide web. You can use scenes in your videos or upload scenes to Rolls. Collaborate with friends to create Rolls of just about anything e.g. cute cats, goal videos and clips from prom night.
How do I add flash effects to my video?
Flash effects are examples of Scenes that you can add to your video. Search for Flash Effects on our “Scenes” page and if you always use them, be sure to bookmark your favorite and add them to your rolls.
How do you make Meme Titles appear on my video?
Toggle the Meme Title button and an overlay will appear to show you how the title may appear, tap the portion of the preview to add a title. You can add titles to either the top alone, bottom alone or both. (Don’t worry about the translucent default text overlay. It wouldn’t appear in the final video.)
How do I edit a Lomotif I made?
Every project is saved to your profile automatically (don’t worry, it’s private to you only). Just go to Profile > In-Progress and tap on the thumbnail to edit your video.
Why do I need an account?
If you sign up for an account, you will have additional features such as:

+ Finding and Adding Friends
+ Uploading Scenes and Creating Rolls

Also, all Lomotifs will be stored in your account for safekeeping.
If I have an account, can I delete the app?
Deleting the app would mean that you would lose all your in-progress projects. These working files are tied to your device. Only Lomotifs uploaded to your profile will be saved (but you can’t easily edit them).
I don’t want anyone to see the Lomotif I made!
No problem. Just ensure “For my eyes only” is selected during the upload phase.If you want to adjust privacy after the fact, you can should select your Lomotif in Profile > Lomotifs, tap “...” and then choose “Make Lomotif Private.”
How do I remove the watermark?
Lomotif no longer supports watermark removal. If you’ve purchased it in the past, simply go to Profile > Settings > Restore Purchases and this will allow you to remove the watermark in your editor again.