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Getting Started with Lomotif

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Making a Lomotif video is easy! Just select your video clips or photos (the more the merrier!), then pick a song and voila! You will get a cute little montage.

Check out this video here for the basics. Read on if you'd like answers to specific questions.

Does Lomotif crop my videos?

You can easily resize your pictures/videos, and adjust the crop any way you'd like! Tap the thumbnail to select the clip you'd like to adjust. Now you can pinch the screen to zoom, or drag to reposition your clip. You can include any part of the video/photo, or pinch to "zoom out" to include your entire portrait or landscape clips!

Why isn't a part of my video clip included in the final Lomotif video?

The first preview was generated automatically but you can always fine-tune your Lomotif. To select a better part of the video, tap the circle thumbnail you wish to edit. This opens up the clip's timeline, you can now drag the selector (that's the rectangle) till you find the moment you desire.

How do I change the sequence of the clips?

To reorder the sequence of your clips, simply tap and hold the clip's thumbnail (that's the little circle image), then drag and drop it anywhere you wish on the timeline.

How do I delete a clip?

Tap and hold on the clip and drag it to the "-" symbol that appears.

How do I change the length of my Lomotif?

Tap on "Adjust" and you will see the option to adjust the duration of your music video. A Lomotif can be anywhere from 3 secs to 30 secs in length. Watch how your music video feels with faster or slower cuts! Time it to the beat!

I see black frames where my video clips/photos should be!

This is because the clip you have selected has been deleted from your camera roll, or is stored in the cloud e.g. iCloud Photo Library. Either download the clip to your device, or delete the missing clip from your project to proceed. Reach out to us at if this doesn't resolve the problem.

What are Motifs?

It’s our latest feature! Use Motifs to add color and interest to your video! You can now browse and use thousands of user-generated clips in this section. Add clouds and birds to your #Summer lomotif! Make a "Relationship Goals" tribute with Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill clips. Or just go crazy with cool, random visuals!

Lomotifs are music videos, and you’re both the director and star. Motifs is in beta so do check back soon for updates! You can find the “Motifs” tab in the “Video” section of your app.

What is the maximum number of clips I can use in a music video?

You can make a Lomotif with up to 30 video clips or photos from your camera roll. But stay-tuned, our very next update will allow you to include an almost unlimited number of clips! (We've tried a thousand clips and it's totally awesome!)

Can I change filters on the app?

Yes. Just swipe on your preview screen to see the filter's effect on your video. We'll be introducing more gorgeous filters soon, as well as other exciting features. Stay tuned!

Can I add a title to my video?

Yes. And you can tweak the title font and color as well.

How do I capture slow-motion on Lomotif?

To create awesome "slow-motifs", you should use the native camera app on your device to capture your video, and then import them into Lomotif.

How do I capture timelapses on Lomotif?

You can use either use Instagram's free Hyperlapse app or use the native camera app on your device. Timelapses make great Lomotifs. Try including several clips in a single Lomotif!

I need more features in my Lomotif!

Lomotif is a new app and we have more features in the pipeline so do check back. You can also email us at if you have a brilliant idea for a feature. We love to hear from our users.

How do I use my own songs as a soundtrack for my Lomotif?

Simply import your songs to your iTunes music library. Launch iTunes on your computer; go to the “File” menu and “Add to Library”. Now you can import your song, and it will be accessible in your Lomotif app.

I love the Lomotif app!

Thanks! We'd greatly appreciate it if you can leave a review here. All these 5-stars really motivate the team!

I am having problems with my Lomotif app. Please help.

In your Lomotif app, access the settings tab (top-right corner, on the first screen) and click "Send Feedback". You'll be able to send an email to the Lomotif support team. You can also send an email to We are regularly improving on our app, so do remember to regularly update your app to the latest version!